Welcome to The Lady of Light Chantry (The LLC),

A Deanic Matronite Harmonium

We are a Feminine Religious Society (Sacred Sorority or Devotional Sisterhood) dedicated to Dea Matrona (Divine Mother).

The first part of our organizational name,  The Lady of Light, is a symbolic reference to Our Lady Dea, whose name is the feminine form of the Sanskrit root word deiwos which means “Shining”, “Light”, “Daylight” or “Sky”. 1) Dea’s Presence is like the (Self-generated) Sunlight (and Rainbows) which shine up in the Morning Sky and the (reflected) Moonlight (and Auroras), as well as, the Starlights (other suns) and Planetary lights (other reflected-lights) which shine up in the Evening Sky. 2) Dea’s Presence is like firelight, from all sources (including candles, torches, oil, wood, gas, electricity, magma, as well as fireflies, fair lights, etc) which shine. Finally, Dea’s Pesence is like the (Self-generated) Sunlight/Starlight (Inner-Light) which shines within each person’s heart/spirit (inner sky)

The last part of our organizational name, Chantry, English chanterie, via Old French chanter, from Latin cantare “to sing”), is a symbolic reference to the belief that Our Divine Mother Sang (Chanted, Enchanted) the Cosmos into being. This is reflected in the Gaelic word Oran Mor (“Song Great”, “Melody Mighty”, Music Powerful”, “Harmonia of the Cosmos”. The Oran Mor is an eternal song, without beginning or end, which continues in every expression of musical harmony today.

We also describe ourselves as a Harmonium (From Old French harmonie, armonie, from Latin harmonia, from Ancient Greek ἁρμονία ‎(harmonía, “joint, union, agreement, concord of sounds”) because we believe that Our Divine Mother is the Origin of Musical (as well as all other forms of) Harmony. We endeavour to reflect our relationship with Our Divine Mother by being in Harmony with Her and with each other.

The LLC is one, of several, contemporary, Deanic Mystical Paths/Spiritual Traditions.  Our Mystical Path is called Lucienne [French feminine, “light”], also known as the Lucienne Deanic Tradition.   

My full Lucienne religious title, name, mother house/order is as  follows: TITLE: ArchMatrona “matriarch, chief (first, head, leader, principal, ruling) mother”, NAME: Ghrian “sun, sunlight, sunshine”, MOTHER HOUSE/ORDER: Rosenhearth “rose-in-hearth” Bonnie-Fire “beautiful-flame”.  I may be addressed, simply, as ArchMatrona [A. Mtrn.], or ArchMatrona Ghrian [A. Mtrn. Ghrian].   I may also be addressed by my alternative title, Serene Mother [Srn. Mthr.], or Serene Mother Ghrian [Srn. Mthr. Ghrian].  I am your WordPress.com, weblog [“deamatronablog”] hostess and founder of The Lady of Light Chantry [The LLC].

Note: The Deanic Mystical Paths/Spiritual Traditions are based upon a Feminine Monotheist Cosmology/Worldview, and a Matriarchal Society/Culture.  Therefore, the Deanic Devotional Practices are best suited for a Feminine-Only Social Group.

Kind Regards,

Srn. Mthr. Ghrian