Worship Service Protocol

The Lady of Light Chantry – A Deanic Matronite Harmonium – Worship Service Protocol

A Deanic Matronite religious community worship service (sacred liturgy) is intended as a private gathering of believers (devotees of Dea Matrona) only (regardless of whether it is a small gathering or a large gathering). A Deanic Matronite worship service is not a spectator event (dramatic performance) by professionals for the entertainment (or instruction) of the general public, or non-believer (not a devotee of Dea Matrona). Everyone who attends the Deanic Matronite worship service is expected to be an active participant (with a basic understanding of the meaning and purpose of the liturgy).

If a person is not a believer (not a devotee of Dea Matrona), that person cannot participate fully in the Deanic Matronite religious communal gathering, and therefore, that person does not belong there. So, all persons approaching the gathering place will be questioned, and non-believers will be denied entry.

Persons who wish to learn about the Deanic Matronite religion (out of curiosity, or with the motive of becoming a believer) may inquire of the clergy and be instructed in the precepts of the Deanic Matronite spiritual tradition, at another time, and in another place.

Believers (devotees of Dea Matrona) attending a Deanic Matronite worship service are expected to ascertain, beforehand, the proper behavior, and the proper dress, required of participants. The form of behavior deemed acceptable, and the style of dressed deemed appropriate, are not decisions left up to an individual believer’s discretion, but are decisions made by the Deanic Matronite community members collectively. Persons who do not behave properly will be escorted out of the meeting place and persons who are not dressed appropriately will not be allowed to enter the meeting place. Proper behavior and appropriate dress are considered forms of respect (honor and regard) for the dignity (worth) of ones person, the dignity (worth) of other members gathered at the worship service, and an appreciation of the importance (formality and gravity) of the occasion (the worship of, and the service to, Dea Matrona].

Serene Mother Ghrian