Triskaideka Name Changes

Dear Readers, I have long felt uncomfortable with the names of two of the 13th Trisaidekas: the 11th,  Hearth & Home and the 12th, High & Mighty.  Today, it finally came to me what they should be called, that would go well with the others.  The 11th Triskaideka will now be called Holle’s Hearth.   The […]

Mother Holle Day

Dear Readers, Today, Hearth & Home 07 (January 01), on The Lady of Light Chantry, Calendar, is celebrated as the Feast of MOTHER HOLLE DAY, in honor of the Dea Matron (Divine Life), named after [German] Mother Holle “beloved of everyone” aka Holda “benevolent, kind, gracious”, Gode “good”, Berchta “bright, luminous, shining”; Mistress of Hospitality, Keeper of […]

Star Goddess “Divine Mother of the Stars”

Dear Readers, Today: Guiding Star 24 [December 21/22] is the Winter Solstice: The shortest Day [Sunrise to Sunset], followed by the longest Night [Sunset to Sunrise] The Lady of Light Chantry celebrates the Winter Solstice in honor of Dea Matrona, “Divine Great Mother ” [Darkness of Night, beyond the Light, and Light of the Stars, […]

Sankta Lucia “Holy Light”

Dear Readers; Today, December 13, is observed by The Lady of Light Chantry as the feast of Sankta Lucia, “Holy Light”.  At one time, this date was the Mid-Winter Solstice [aka Yule 01].  However, after the Julian/Gregorian calendar reforms,  the date of the Midwinter Solstice moved forward (about 9 days) to around December 21.  Nevertheless, […]

Sun Wheel+Silver Branch & Rosary

Dear Readers, Just in time for the STARTIDE Candle Lighting, Beginning: Luciadi (Sunday), Guiding Star 05 (December 02), 2018, I have revised the two pages: 1) Lighting the Sun Wheel & Ringing the Silver Branch, and 2) Rosary [108 Beads]. The changes, which I have made, coordinate the chants used in both liturgies. Kind regards, […]

Chantresses & Sisters

Dear readers, I am correcting an oversight, on the About Page, which listed only Sacred Singers aka Devoted Chantresses (Cantanti) as eligible members of The LLC.  I am expanding the membership (as I had originally intended)  to include Devoted Sisters (Sorelle), who are Dedicated to Dea, but not necessarily Singers/Chantresses, as well.   Kind regards, […]

Air Fire Earth Water Spirit

Dear Readers, I recently found pictures, which illustrated the elements Air [Blue], Fire [Red], Earth [Yellow], Water [Green], & Spirit [Violet]… and then placed them on a compass directional graph, to show how “natural” those correspondences were. See The LLC Page: Air Fire Earth Water Spirit. Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian