Chanting Hours edit

Dear Readers, I have edited the document Chanting Hours (Lucienne) to include both a Name for the Hour, as well as a Name for the Chant/Song, which is chanted/sung at that Time of Day/Night.  Please see the newest edition. Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian    

Chanting Hours

Dear Readers, I was not privileged to have been brought up in a liturgical religious faith.  So, it has only been in recent years that I have become acquainted with “why”  liturgical churches hold prayer services at particular “hours of the day”, and “where” they came up with the “names” for those services.  This past […]

Benvenuto Vita, Luce, e Amore

Dear Readers, I have decided to create an alternative Lucienne name, and a different Lucienne emphasis, for the time of the year from Epiphany “Divine Vision” through Quintessence Eve, [comparable to the Christian Ecclesiastical Calendar period from Epiphany through Mardi Gras “Fat Tuesday” ]. This season is presently known as Carnaval “Farewell to Meat”.  The popular celebrations […]

Sun Wheel Candle Lighting Songs (Chants)

Dear readers, I have been working diligently this year to find contemporary songs suitable for singing (chanting) , by anyone and everyone, as each of the 5 candles of the Winter Sunwheel are lit.  I came across four, written by others, and composed a fifth one myself.  Please see The LLC Pages: Candle #1 Peace, […]