Sun Wheel+Silver Branch & Rosary

Dear Readers, Just in time for the STARTIDE Candle Lighting, Beginning: Luciadi (Sunday), Guiding Star 05 (December 02), 2018, I have revised the two pages: 1) Lighting the Sun Wheel & Ringing the Silver Branch, and 2) Rosary [108 Beads]. The changes, which I have made, coordinate the chants used in both liturgies. Kind regards, […]

Chantresses & Sisters

Dear readers, I am correcting an oversight, on the About Page, which listed only Sacred Singers aka Devoted Chantresses (Cantanti) as eligible members of The LLC.  I am expanding the membership (as I had originally intended)  to include Devoted Sisters (Sorelle), who are Dedicated to Dea, but not necessarily Singers/Chantresses, as well.   Kind regards, […]

Air Fire Earth Water Spirit

Dear Readers, I recently found pictures, which illustrated the elements Air [Blue], Fire [Red], Earth [Yellow], Water [Green], & Spirit [Violet]… and then placed them on a compass directional graph, to show how “natural” those correspondences were. See The LLC Page: Air Fire Earth Water Spirit. Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian

New and Old Pages

Dear Readers, I have added two new pages: A. [Ancient Greek Esoteric Doctrines of the Elements] & B. [Five Seasons and Colors], and restored two pages I had taken down: C. [Sun Goddess Genealogy] & D. [Moon Goddess Genealogy]. I do not necessarily agree with everything taught in the source materials that I sited, in […]

Changes in Seasonal Correspondences

Dear Readers, It has come to my attention, that there is a Western [Astrological aka Magical-Mystical] Traditional understanding [aka list of Correspondences] of the Four Seasons which may be outlined as Follows: 1. N. Hem. Season (SPRING)-Quality (“Hot-Wet”)-Element (AIR)-Color: BLUE 2. N. Hem. Season (SUMMER)-Quality (“Hot-Dry”)-Element (FIRE)-Color RED 3. N. Hem. Season (AUTUMN)-Nature (“Cold-Dry”)-Element (EARTH)-Color: […]

Nine Muses & Norse Ladies

Dear Readers,   I have added a new Feast Day to The Lady of Light Chantry Calendar in honor of the Muses [Companions of Kyria Metis/Lady Minerva].  The traditional date is June 13 [or June 14] CE.  This is the twin feast to Sankta Lucia on December 13 CE [in Honor of Kyria Thea/Lady Lucia].  […]

Seven Titanides & Seven Planets, Names & Meanings

Dear Readers, I have done some in-depth research, and created a chart listing A) the English Meanings of the Greek Names of the Seven Titanides (Titanesses), who are the Guardians of the Seven Planets, and B) the English Meanings of the Greek and Latin Names of the Seven Planets, over which they have Guardianship.  I […]