Harvest Apple

Dear Readers Happy 1st Day of the Triskaideka of Harvest Apple, aka Month of Abalon [September 05-October 02]. The LLC Symbol for this Autumn “Harvest” [Summer II] Season [August 01-October 31] is the Green Apple of Faith.   The Green Apple variety which is best known to people today is called the “Granny Smith” Apple. […]

Water-Lily Symbolism

Dear Readers, I have added a page to the LLC website called Water-Lily Symbolism.  It explains the connection between the symbolic meaning of the Water-Lily and Dea Filia “Divine Daughter.  The Lucienne Personal Name of  the Divine Daughter is, Latin: Nemphaea Aurora, English: “Water-Lily of the Dawn”, or simply “Lily”. Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian

Personal Names Dea Matronae

Dear Readers, The LLC has decided to use three Personal-Names for the Three Divine Mothers [Dea Matronae]. We chose these names in accord with how Dea Matrona, Dea Madria, and Dea Matria is each addressed in the following Liturgical Chants: [See updates in Liturgical Chants & HANDBOOK documents] HER MAJESTY Her Emperial Majesty, Empress of […]

Ghrian vs Grainne

Dear Readers, The Goddess, Grainne [Gr-ai-nne] is referred to as a Celtic “grain” [gr-ai-n] goddess.  The Irish girl’s [feminine] name, Grainne, is of uncertain etymology.  Some sources claim that Grainne might, possibly, be related to the Gaelic word, Gran, meaning “grain”. [See: Latin, Granum “grain”].  Grainne is presumed to be “sun-like”, because  “grain” is “golden” […]

Patriarchal Misogyny vs The Motherhood of God

Dear Readers, I came across a very interesting article the other day, entitled WHY GOD IS FATHER AND NOT MOTHER, https://www.ewtn.com/library/Theology/NOTMOTHR.HTM.  I do not believe that I have ever read such a clear, detailed, and precise description of Patriarchal Misogyny [and disdain for Humanity in general] in all my life. In summing up his argument for […]

Feast of Fiery Rose & Feast of Fairy Queen

Dear Sisters, The Lady of Light Chantry observes Fire Rose 08 (June 20), and Fire Rose 09 (June 21), the Eve & Day of the Mid-Summer Solstice, as the Feast of Fiery Rose. In other Deanic Traditions, this Eve & Day of the Southern Gate is called Rosa Munde “Rose of the World” The following […]

Technical Problems Resolved

Dear Readers, The technical problems which many of you have experienced in reading, liking, and sharing this WordPress weblog have been communicated to my tech support person and have been resolved.   I hope you like the new layout of The Lady of Light Chantry, deamatronablog. Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian