Patriarchal Misogyny vs The Motherhood of God

Dear Readers, I came across a very interesting article the other day, entitled WHY GOD IS FATHER AND NOT MOTHER,  I do not believe that I have ever read such a clear, detailed, and precise description of Patriarchal Misogyny [and disdain for Humanity in general] in all my life. In summing up his argument for […]

Feast of Fiery Rose & Feast of Fairy Queen

Dear Sisters, The Lady of Light Chantry observes Fire Rose 08 (June 20), and Fire Rose 09 (June 21), the Eve & Day of the Mid-Summer Solstice, as the Feast of Fiery Rose. In other Deanic Traditions, this Eve & Day of the Southern Gate is called Rosa Munde “Rose of the World” The following […]

Technical Problems Resolved

Dear Readers, The technical problems which many of you have experienced in reading, liking, and sharing this WordPress weblog have been communicated to my tech support person and have been resolved.   I hope you like the new layout of The Lady of Light Chantry, deamatronablog. Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian

Merry Weather

Dear readers, The Lucienne Deanic Tradition refers to the 2nd & 3rd Triskaidekas of the Deanic Calendar Year as 2) “May Flower” and 3) “Merry Weather”; whereas, the Janite Deanic Tradition refers to the 2nd and 3rd Months of the Deanic Calendar Year as 2) “Maia” and 3) “Flora”. The Common Era Calendar Month of […]

Tarot Suits & Compass Directions “addition”

Dear readers, I have amended the AIR…1ST ESTATE- NORTH  correspondences and “added” a second category.  It seems to me that “Ordained” Clergy & “Consecrated” Monastics go together rather than being separated. AIR-Wands/Rods (Clubs)-1ST ESTATE:”Ordained” Clergy & “Consecrated” Monastics-NORTH Regards,   Serene Mother Georgia

Tarot Suites & Compass Directions

Dear Readers, I recently wrote ArchMadria Pam commend her for her article comparing Tarot Suites and Compass Directions, and focusing on the reasons why the Janite Deanic Tradition sees the Suite of Swords as Fire and the Suite of Wands as Air.  I then let her know that I had posted a Page (Chart) on […]