Greek (Roman) Calendar or Celtic (Lucienne) Calendar

Dear Readers, I have posted a new Page on The LLC weblog (deamatronablog) regarding the similarities (and differences) between the Greek (Roman) Elemental Solar Seasonal Correspondences Calendar, and the Celtic (Lucienne) Elemental Solar Seasonal Correspondences Calendar. Each of the Greek (Roman) Solar Seasons begins on one of the 2 Equinoxes or 2 Solstices. Whereas, each […]

Brighid & Shekhinah

Dear Readers, Today I have created a new page which compares devotion to the Pagan Celtic Brighid and devotion to the Traditional Jewish Shekhinah.  Please See: Brighid & Shekhinah, Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian

Three Divine Guardians of the Threefold Heavens

Dear Reader, On the Page: Air Fire Earth Water [Divine Guardians], I have used an image of the Three Fates and the Wheel of Fortune [or the Three Norns and The Thread of Fate] to illustrate the Three Divine [Feminine Planetary] Guardians of the Threefold Heavens: [Kyria Rhea/Lady Constanze, Kyria Thea/Lady Lucia, Kyria Phoebe/Lady Clara] […]

Four Divine Guardians of the Fourfold Earth

Dear Readers, I have been complimented, recently, regarding the illustrations, which I chose for the Air Fire Earth Water [Divine Guardians] Page.  I wish readers to know that these images were selected very carefully.  I spent time searching around the Internet, until I found Classical [Greek] illustrations of the Four Titanides/Titanesses, [upon whom the Madrians, Aristatians, […]

More Calendar Changes

Dear Readers, After further thought, I have decided, to make a few more changes to The LLC Calendar [Solar Yearly Seasons] I have returned the feast days of the Three Guardians, of the Threefold Heavens, to where I had first placed them, at the beginning, middle, and ending of the Triskaideks of Great Song, on the […]

May Flower Day

Dear Readers,   Happy May Flower Day! Please enjoy the following links with pictures and instructions regarding how to make Paper May Flower Baskets and Edible May Flower Recipes. May Day Basket: May Day Basket May Baskets May Baskets Flower Fairies 5 – Fairy Flower Delivery Image Details Spring Salad with Edible Flowers Floral […]

Calendar Changes…p.s.

Dear Readers, I have decided to keep the name Merry Weather, for the 3rd Triskaideka, after all.  Nothing else describes the seasonal atmosphere of the 2nd half of May and the first half of June so well.  The 7 day Feast will be called Merry Weather Days. Kind regards, Serene Mother Ghrian