About Page and Handbook Page

Dear Readers, I have made some important changes, and additions, to The LLC About Page and Handbook Page. The LLC is set up to appeal to a select group of ladies, who have interests like my own [as well as to add to the greater body of works developing the contemporary devotion to Dea]. My […]

Feast of Divine Order

Dear Readers, Today, is the inauguration of a new Lucienne Feast Day, known as DIVINE ORDER. This is the third, of four, sister-feast-days of The Lady of Light Chantry Year, in honor of the Four Divine Guardians of the Four Compass Directions East, South, West, and North. Easter Dove 05 [March 25], Feast of DIVINE […]

New Guardian Names

Dear Readers After due consideraton, the LLC has decided to use a new set of “meaning-filled”, Girls, Names to represent the Seven Divine Feminine Guardians, rather than calling them by simple, English words [ex: Vision] which briefly describe each of their “Natures and/or “Virtues”. These new names are as follows. Greek Titanide Name = Lucienne […]

Hidden In Plain Sight

Dear readers, Let me call your attention to a plethora of icons, representing Mother God as Trias or  Trinity, “Hidden In Plain Sight”.  I refer to paintings and carvings of The Three Noble Ladies, found in particular in Bavaria, and known as Die Drei Bethen “The Three Prayers”, [because, the last syllable, of the names […]

Living Traditions

Dear Readers, Re: Devotional Images The question of which “Goddess” images are “appropriate” for use by devotees of Dea, and which are not, [be they representative of A) Our Mother God, as Unity or Trinity, or B) the Seven Feminine Planetary Powers, as Themselves or their Daughters] is based upon the assumption that some “Goddess” […]