Water Lily of the Dawn & Minerva of Peace

Dear Readers, The Lady of Light Chantry observes a double celebration today, Easter Dove 05 (March 25). First,  is the Feast of WATER LILY DAY, also known as LILIA, in honor of Dea Matria, (Divine Love) as Nymphaea Aurora “Water Lily of the Dawn”, a Symbol of Sunrise (New Day) & Rebirth (New Life), We see […]

Easter Dove of Peace

Dear Readers, Happy Easter! The Lady of Light Chantry observes Easter Day as follows. Time of Day: EARLY MORNING (Dawn-Sunrise), Direction: EAST [Eos-Aurora] Season: Mid-Spring-Quality: “Moist+Warm”-Element: Air Color: (Sky) Blue Easter Dove 01 (March 21): Feast of EASTER DOVE DAY (EASTER), in honor of Dea Madria (Divine Light) as the Sun “Sun-Mother” & Dea Matria […]

Hiatus, Singing Moon, & Dove Moon

Dear Readers, Today is The Fast of HIATUS 00 [March 20, 2019] The Lucienne Deanic Matronite Tradition observes this Holy Day in honor of Dea Matrona, as Imperatrice del Cosmo, “Empress of the Cosmos” [aka Cosma], Magna Mysteria “Great Mystery” The Symbol: of Hiatus is the Veil of Mystery and the Colors are Black and […]

Feast of Divine Love

Today is Great Song 28 (March 19), the Feast of DIVINE LOVE, [Oran Mor Part III] in honor of Dea Matria “Divine-Feminine (Shining Sky/Heavenly) Mother-land”.  Her Title is Regina dell’Amore “Queen of Love”; Her Color is Viola ”Violet”; Her Virtue is Bona “Goodness”; Her Bird is  Columbina “Little Dove”. On the Lucienne Calendar, this is the last (regular) day […]

Triskaideka Name Changes

Dear Readers, I have long felt uncomfortable with the names of two of the 13th Trisaidekas: the 11th,  Hearth & Home and the 12th, High & Mighty.  Today, it finally came to me what they should be called, that would go well with the others.  The 11th Triskaideka will now be called Holle’s Hearth.   The […]

Mother Holle Day

Dear Readers, Today, Hearth & Home 07 (January 01), on The Lady of Light Chantry, Calendar, is celebrated as the Feast of MOTHER HOLLE DAY, in honor of the Dea Matron (Divine Life), named after [German] Mother Holle “beloved of everyone” aka Holda “benevolent, kind, gracious”, Gode “good”, Berchta “bright, luminous, shining”; Mistress of Hospitality, Keeper of […]

Star Goddess “Divine Mother of the Stars”

Dear Readers, Today: Guiding Star 24 [December 21/22] is the Winter Solstice: The shortest Day [Sunrise to Sunset], followed by the longest Night [Sunset to Sunrise] The Lady of Light Chantry celebrates the Winter Solstice in honor of Dea Matrona, “Divine Great Mother ” [Darkness of Night, beyond the Light, and Light of the Stars, […]