Classical Planets: Alchemical Metals & Days of the Week

Classical Planets: Alchemical Metals & Days of the Week



Traditionally, each of the seven “planets” in the solar system as known to the ancients was associated with, held dominion over, and “ruled” a certain metal (see also astrology and the classical elements)….The list of rulership is as follows:

1. Sun (gold) 2. Moon (silver) 3. Saturn (lead) 4. Jupiter (tin) 5. Mars (iron) 6. Mercury (mercury, duh) 7. Venus (copper) After woodcuts by Friz Kredel, published in Stearn 1962.


Seven (Pointed Star): A. Classical Planets, C. Alchemical Metals (Symbols), C. Days of Week


Three Basic Symbols: A. Circle, B. Crescent, C. Cross


The three basic components that make up the symbols of the planets are shown in Figure 1. The circle represents spirit. It has no beginning and no ending. It is the spark of life that is in everyone. It is that immeasurable factor that is in all life, both animate and inanimate. The semicircle represents the soul, which is that non-material part of a person that is the sum of all experiences gained during life in a physical body. The cross represents matter, the physical form of the three-dimensional world. It is the physical body and outer life lived on earth.