Tree of Life, Divine Matrona

Tree of Life – Divine Matrona [ de Arbore Vitae – Divina Matrona]*

by: Serene Mother Ghrian

Keter “Crown” [Dea Matrona “Divine Great-Mother”], Imperatrice del Cosmo “Empress of the Cosmos”, [Cosma “Order”]

Bina “Understanding” [Dea Matria “Divine Mother-land”], Regina dell’Amore “Queen of Love”, [BonaGoodness”]

Chockmah “Wisdom” [Dea Madria “Divine Mother-hood”], Regina di Luce “Queen of Light”, [BellezaBeauty”]

Daat “Knowledge” [Dea Matrona “Divine Mother-grand”], Regina della Vita “Queen of Life”, [Veritas “’Truth”]

Gevurah “Strength” [Mars], Kyria Nike/Lady Victoria Valor, [4b Music = number in time]

Chesed “Kindness” [Jupiter], Kyria Themis/Lady Cosima Order, [4c Geometry = number in space]

Tipheareth “Beauty” [Sun], Kyria Thea/Lady Lucia Magnanimity, [4a Arithmetic = pure number]

Hod “Splendor” [Mercury], Kyria Metis/Lady Minerva Wisdom, [3b Logic = thinking]

Netzach “Eternity” [Venus], Kyria Tethys/Lady Gratia Compassion, [3c Rhetoric = communicating]

Yesod “Foundation” [Moon], Kyria Phoebe/Lady Clara Purity, [3a Grammar = symbolizing]

Malkath “Queen”** [Saturn], Kyria Rhea/Lady Constanze Stability, [4d Astronomy = number in time and space]

*Etz Chayim, Matronit Elohit, “Tree of Life, Matrona Divine,

**Malkath ha Shabath “Queen of the Sabbath”,

**Shabbatai “the restful one”, Sabbath “rest”, Saturn

**Shekinah “Divine-Indwelling Presence”