The LLC – Matriarchy


Matriarchy is the Leadership, and the Rulership, of a Society by Mothers i.e. Feminine Hierarchs [“Sacred-Leaders” or “Holy Rulers”]. Dea Matrona is the Divine Matriarch, i.e. Feminine Hierarch, in the Heavens Above, upon the Earth Across, and under the Sea Beneath. As Her Representatives, Human Mothers [Feminine Persons] are the Natural Matriarchs, i.e. the Feminine Hierarchs, of Human Societies [EX: Feminine Heads of Priesthoods (Motherhoods), Feminine Heads of Households (Matrifamilias), Feminine Heads of States (Matronages)] .


Patriarchy is both the denial, and the userpation, of Divine Matriarchy, and Human Matriarchy, by Fathers. i.e. Masculine Hierarchs.


Serene Mother Ghrian




Women, Church and State

by Matilda Joslyn Gage

The Matriarchatae

Chapter I



The Myth of the Myth of Matriarchy



Matriarchal History, the Preface of The Feminine Universe