Lighting The Sun Wheel

Lighting The Sun Wheel by Serene Mother Ghrian


Sun Wheel Symbol

The Sun Wheel is shaped like a Fora “Foundation” [A diagram of the Eternal City with Our Mother God as the Sovereign in the Center of the Wheel of Influence]. This Symbol (an equal-armed cross, surrounded by a circle, with the arms of the cross extending beyond the circle) is also known as 1) a Sun Cross [A map of the Solar System, a pattern of the the Solar Year, with Our Mother God as the Supernal Sun) or 2) a Celtic Wheel Cross [a Celtic version of the Sun Cross]. One Candle is placed at the Center of the Sun Wheel, and Four Candles are placed at the Cardinal Compass Points of the Sun Wheel.

Guiding Star 01 (November 28)

The 1st Color Candle lit is Blue [EAST & SPRING & WATER]

Symbol: (Dove of Motherhood) Dove of Peace [Mid-Spring]


First Luciadi (Sunday) after Guiding Star 01

The 2nd Color Candle lit is Red [SOUTH & SUMMER & FIRE]

Symbol Rose of Joy [Mid-Summer]


Second Luciadi (Sunday) after Guiding Star 01

The 3rd Color Candle lit is Green [WEST & AUTUMN & EARTH]

Symbol: Apple of Faith (Tree of Life) [Mid-Autumn]

Third Luciadi (Sunday) after Guiding Star 01

The 4th Color Candle lit is Yellow [NORTH & WINTER & AIR]

Symbol: (North) Star of Hope [Mid-Winter]


Star Fairy Eve [Yule Eve]

The 5th Colored Candle lit is Violet [CENTER & QUINTESSENCE & AETHER]

Symbol: Lyre of Love (Song of Creation) [Quintessence I]


by ArchMatrona Ghrian