Janyati Names Derived From Titanide Names

Janyati Names, Derived From Titanide Names [by ArchMatrona Ghrian]

For those of you who are familiar with the Deanic/Filianic website, A Chapel of Our Mother God, you will note the Seven Names (and correspondences) given to the Seven Great Goddesses, aka Janyati* [http;/www.mother-god.com/goddess-religion.html]. The LLC asserts that those (Sanskrit-based) names (and correspondences) are not the “original”, Hindu names of these Seven Planetary Goddesses. Instead, we claim that The Janyati names were “derived from” the essential meaning, or nature, of the Seven (Greek) Titanide names (and powers). Proof: 1. All Seven of the Planetary Powers of Hindu (Sanskrit) cosmology are named after male deities. 2. All Seven sets of Janyati correspondences match those of the Seven Greek Titanides. 3. The Madrians, one of the earliest Deanic/Filianic Traditions, used the Titanide names to refer to the Seven Great Goddesses.

The following chart compares the Sanskrit names of the Janati with the Greek names of the Titanides.

1a. Sai (Sanskrit) “Holy/Saintly” Raya, from Raja (Sanskrit) “King-Queen”

or from Ravija (Sanskrit) “Sun”, “Daughter of The Sun”, “Born of the Sun”

1b. Agia (Greek) “Holy” Thea (Greek) “Sight/Vision”, Theiazo (Greek) “Prophesy”, & Aithre (Greek) = Blue Sky [Note: Thea is the Titanide of the Sun]



2a. Sai (Sanskrit) “Holy/Saintly” Candre, (Sanskrit) “Glowing, Luminescent, Pure, Shining”, [and refers to the Moon]

2b. Agia (Greek) “Holy” Phoebe (Greek), “Bright, Pure, Radiant, Shining” [Note: Phoebe is the Guardian/Titanide of the Moon]


3a. Sai (Sanskrit) “Holy/Saintly” Vikhe, from Ujjiti (Sanskrit) “Victory”

3b. Sanctus (Latin) “Holy” Victoria (Latin) “Victory”

3c. Agia (Greek) “Holy” Nike (Greek) “Victory”


4a. Sai (Sanskrit) “Holy/Saintly” Mati (Sanskrit) “Spiritual Thought”

4b. Agia (Greek) “Holy” Metis (Greek) “Wisdom, Skill, Craft”


5a. Sai (Sanskrit) “Holy/Saintly” Thame, From Dharma (Sanskrit) “Firm Law, Decree, Custom, Path of Life, The Laws of Nature”

5b. Agia (Greek) “Holy” Themis (Greek) “Natural Law, Divine Order”


6a. Sai (Sanskrit) “Holy/Saintly” Suchuri, from Sukruti (Sanskrit) “Good Conduct, Kindness, Patience”

6b. Agia (Greek) “Holy” Tethys (Greek) “Grandmother” or “Nurse”

7a. Sai (Sanskrit) “Holy/Saintly” Rhave, from Pravaah (Sanskrit) “To Flow”.

7b. Agia (Greek) “Holy” Rhea (Greek) “To Flow, a River or Stream”


*janati [alt janyati] from Jana (Sanskrit) “to be born”