Frigga’s Court: Thirteen Heavenly Ladies

Frigga’s Court: Thirteen Heavenly Ladies

All Mother, Queen of Heaven, Frigga “Beloved” distributes Her Gifts “of Knowledge” de Wissens, to Her Children, through 1) Her own Great Lady’s Hands, and 2) through the Hands of the Other Great Ladies of Her Court [aka Frigga’s Handmaidens].

Merry Weather 10 (May 25): Feast of the MERRY MAIDENS DAY

Lamp Light 16 (August 23): Feast of FRIGGA de WISSENS DAY


Name Position/Status Etymology of Name
Frigg/a Beloved Dearest, Favorite, Loving
Saga Historian Story, Tale, History
Eir Healer Protection, Peace, Calm, Help, Mercy, Honour
Gefjon Giver Give, Giving, Generous One
Fulla Abundance Full, Blossom, Flower
Sjofin Affection Loving Relationship
Lofn Permission Comforter, Gentle, Mild, Permission
Var Oathkeeper 1. Alert, Attentive, Aware, Careful, Cautious, Wary, Watchful

2. Faithful, Loyal, True

3. Agreement, Pledge

Vor Seeress 1.Alert, Attentive, Aware, Careful, Cautious, Wary, Watchful

2. Knowledgeable, Wise

Syn Gatekeeper Refusal, Denial
Hlin Refuge Protector
Snotra Courtesy Clever, Wise, Courteous, Well Behaved
Gna Messenger Looming, Rising up High, Towering

Frigg or Frigga [also spelled Frijja] means “beloved”. It is an old Norse word, used as both an adjective and a noun, when referring to a woman/lady, (such as a sweetheart/fiance or wife/mistress of the household), who is “greatly loved”. Another English word with a similar meaning would be “dearest”. However, the word Frigg “beloved” is not limited [exclusive] in its scope to that of a courtship and/or a marriage relationship. It could apply to any woman/ lady who is “loving” and/or “dearly beloved”, by others, whether she is single or married [including a daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, nurse, governess, teacher, student, friend, etc, as well as a sweetheart or wife].

See also the Sanskrit word Pryia

A. Adjective: “dear, favorite, loving, pleasant, comfortable”

B. Noun “dear”. “sweetheart”.This is a common Hindu (Sanskrit) feminine name.