Compass Directions: Solar Seasons; Alchemical Elements; Suite Cards & Realm Estates

Compass Directions: Solar Seasons; Alchemical Elements; Suite Cards & Realm Estates…by ArchMatrona Ghrian, adapted from


NORTH Mid-Winter

AirYellow-Wands/Staffs/Rods (Clubs)-1st Estate: A) “Ordained” Clergy + “Consecrated” Monastics, & B) “Academic” Professionals

“The Magical Wands of the Temple Mothers (+ the Prayers of the Monastic Sisters, & the Wise Teachings of the Professors), instruments of Focused Thoughts + Words, which channel the Powers of the Will (Wish)”

WEST Mid-Autumn

EarthGreen-Pentacles (Diamonds)-3rd Estate: A) ”Guild” Artisans, Crafters, Bankers & Merchants, and B) “Associated” Gardeners, Farmers, & Herders

“The Golden Coins + Precious Jewels of the Wealthy Society Matrons, (+ the Creative Skills of the Mistresses of all Guilds & Associations) tokens of Earthly Bounty and Generosity”

CENTER [NE-B & SW-B] QUINTESSENCE I & II AetherViolet-Fool/Seeker (Joker/Jester) Wild Card-5th /No Estate: A) “Free Spirit” (“Aetherial”) Adventurers + Explorers, & B) “Free Range” Wanderers + Voyagers

“The Daring Spirits (“Life-Force”) of the Natural Gals (+ the Wild Ways of the Vagabond Woman), in the enjoyment of the journey, expressions of easy kinship with the Natural World and the Elemental Spirits

EAST Mid-Spring

WaterBlue-Cups (Hearts)-4th Estate: A) “Domestic” Servants, & B) “Trade” Apprentices

“The Gentle Hearts, and the Compliant Behavior, of the Serving Maids (+ the Shop Girls), in the performance of duties, likened to the outpouring of a full Cup of Water, overflowing with Compassion and Selflessness”

SOUTH Mid-Summer

FireRed-Swords (Spades)-2nd Estate-A) “Crowned” Nobility + “Titled” Aristocracy, & B) “Legal” Advocates + Magistrates

“The Flaming Swords of the Reigning Queens, (+ the Courage of the Valorous Shield-Maidens, & the Just Judgments of the Law Administrators), weapons of hearts + hands, wielded in defense of Order and Justice”