Calendar: Seven Days of the Week

Calendar: Seven Days of the Week by ArchMatrona Ghrian


A Lucienne Day (Morning) begins with the Lightening of Dawn and Sunrise, continues through the Brightness of Midday, and ends with the Fading Light of Sunset and Dusk. A Lucienne Night (Evening) begins with the Twinkling Starlight (often accompanied by Moonlight), continues through the Darkness of Midnight, and ends with the Twilight before Dawn. One Circuit of Day & Night, Together, equals one Lucienne Calendar Date.


The Lucienne Calendar Week consists of Seven Days. The Weekdays are “Named ” after the Divine Femine Guardians [aka Archangels] of the Seven Classical Planets Wandering Stars“.


#1 Planet (Star): Sun; Metal: Gold; Color: Orange; Day: Sunday-Luciadi


Lady Lucia “Light”, Lamp of Illumination (Enlightenment, Eyesight, Insight, Vision, Revelation), Generosity (Benevolence: Giver of Gold, Symbol of Prosperity) and Delight (Happy Heart, Sunny Disposition)


#2 Planet (Star): Moon; Metal: Silver; Color: Violet (White); Day: MondayClaradi


Lady Clara “Clear”, Brightness of Reflection (Clear Thinking), Reason (Clear Judgement), and Understanding (Clear Direction)


#3 Planet (Star): Mars; Metal: Iron; Color: Red; Day: TuesdayValoriadi


Lady Valoria “Strong”, Flame of Courage (Strength-Fire in the Heart-Spirit), Bravery (Strength-Fire in the Head-Mind), and Might (Strength-Fire in the Hands-Body)


#4 Planet (Star): Mercury; Metal: Quicksilver; Color: Yellow; Day: Wednesday-Maestradi


Lady Maestra “Mistress-Teacher”, Messenger of Intelligence (Teacher of Good Counsel), Intuition (Teacher of Insightful Planning), and Creativity (Teacher of Cunning Craftiness);


#5 Planet (Star): Jupiter; Metal: Tin; Color: Blue; Day: Thursday-C0simadi


Lady Cosima “Order, Decency”, Foundation of Justice (Cosmic Truth), Order (Cosmic Beauty), and Harmony (Cosmic Goodness)


#6 Planet (Star): Venus; Metal: Copper; Color: Green (Pink); Day: Friday-Gratiadi


Lady Gratia “Grace”, Fountain of Compassion (Mercy), Love (Kindness), and Blessings (Grace & Favor)


#7 Planet (Star): Saturn; Metal: Lead; Color: Indigo (Black); Day: SaturdayConstanzedi


Lady Constanze “Constant”, Discipline of Steadfastness (Stability), Temperance (Self-Control) and Ease (Rest, Calm, Security)



  1. Greek/Roman Classical Planetary Names: 1st [Sun] Helius/Sol, 2nd] [Moon] Selene/Luna, 3rd [Mars] Ares/Mars, 4th [Mercury] Hermes/Mercury, 5th: [Jupiter] Dias/Jupiter, 6th [Venus] Aphrodite/Venus
  2. Greek/Roman Classical Titaness Names: 1st Theia, 2nd Phoebe, 3rd Dione, 4th Mnemosyne (or Metis), 5th Themis, 6th Tethys, 7th Rhea (Ops)
  3. Greek Madrian Geniae Names: [coupled with Latin Planetary Names] 1st Theia/Sun, 2nd Phoebe/Moon, 3rd Nike (in place of Dione)/Mars, 4th Metis/Mercury, 5th Themis/Jupiter, 6th Tethys/Venus, 7th Rhea/Saturn.
  4. Sanskrit Filianic Janyati Names – derived from Greek Titanide Names [coupled with Latin Planetary Names] 1st Raya/Theia/Sun, 2nd Candra/Phoebe/Moon, 3rd Vikhe/Nike/Mars, 4th Mati/Metis/Mercury, 5th Thame/Themis/Jupiter, 6th Sushuri/Tethys/Venus, 7th Rhave/Rhea/Saturn.
  5. Latin Lucienne Guardian Names; formulated [created/invented] by ArchMatrona Ghrian as alternative descriptions of the essential natures of the Greek/Roman Classical Planetary Names and Titanide Names: 1. Lucia/Theia/Sun, 2nd Clara/Phoebe/Moon, 3rd Valoria/Dione (Nike)/Mars, 4th Maestra/Mnemosyne-Metis (Minerva)/Mercury, 5th Cosima/Themis/Jupiter, 6th Gratia/Tethys/Venus, 7th Constanze/Rhea (Ops)/Saturn.