Attributes of Dea

The Lady of Light Chantry: Attributes of Dea…by Serene Mother Ghrian

  1. Dea is the Supreme (Superior to all others) Sentient (Conscious, Intelligent) Being (Person), the Sole (Only) Deity (God), the Sacred (Revered) Matrona (Great-Mother), Source (Creatrix, Emanatrix, Progenitrix) of the Cosmos (Universe).
  2. Dea is the Eternal Feminine: Eternal Life, Eternal Light, & Eternal Love. She is self -generated (self existent) and totally independent in Her own Person. Therefore, nothing about Her is defined by, derived from, or dependent upon, any relationship whatsoever to, a masculine deity: father, uncle, consort, husband, brother, or son.

  3. Dea is the Ancestor (Matriarch), the Parent (Mother), the Origin (Matrix) of All Life Forms, All Genders, and All Families (Matrifamilias).

  4. Dea is the Divine Feminine Sovereign (Empress-High Queen-Queen) of the Skies (Upper Worlds), Lands (Middle Worlds), and Seas (Lower Worlds).
  5. Dea is the Divine Personage (Noble Lady) from whom all Personality (feminine, masculine, others) is derived. Dea is not a personification (an alegory for the abstract character quality of Motherhood). Therefore Dea is not Mother Nature (A. the Forces of Nature: Wind, Storm, Fire, etc. or B. the Powers of Fecundity: Sexuality, Fertility, etc.). Dea is not the planet Earth (Mother Earth, Earth Mother, Gaea, Terra). Dea is not a metaphor for generic human feminine psychology (Psyche). Dea is not a symbol of the various stages of the development of the human feminine body. (Maiden, Mother, Grandmother)

  6. Dea is the Divine Spirit (Breather of Life, Wind-sweeper of Change), Who moves all things. Dea is the Divine Mind (Conscious One, Intelligent One), Who enlightens all things. Dea is the Divine Will (Forceful One, Powerful One) who controls all things.

  7. Dea is the Founder (Matrona), and Support (Matronage) of All Governing Authority, Power, and Social Influence. Her Position is Self-generating and Self-sustaining; She is in Control of (in charge, has command over all circumstances involving) Life and Death; Light and Darkness, Love and Hate.
  8. Dea is the All Sufficient One: Omniscient (All-knowing), Omnipotent (All-controlling) and Omnipresent (Ever-present). Therefore, no one and nothing can be hidden from Her, deceive Her, thwart Her will, be lost by Her, be taken from Her, or be separated from Her presence.

  9. Dea is the Giver of Liberty and Freedom: Her Divine Lineage (passed down to Her children) is Liberating and Her Divine Presence (always with Her children) is Freeing.

  10. Dea is the Guardian of Virtue (the Good, the Honorable); Dea is Virtue [Goodness-Honor]: All that is Virtuous (Good-Honorable) is in accord with Her Character; All that is Vile (Evil-Wicked) is in opposition to Her Character.

  11. Dea is the Maestra (Mistress) of All Things: She is the Source, Inspiration, and Teacher of all Fields of Wisdom and Knowledge and Skill.

  12. Dea is the Voice (Harmonia), Who Sang the first Song, and Spoke the first Word, which initiated the first Eternal Energy Vibrations that caused the Metaphysical essences and their Physical forms to come into being.

  13. Dea is the Great Mystery, beyond all comprehension or description.