Attributes of Dea

The Lady of Light Chantry: Attributes of Dea

  1. Dea is the Eternal One: She is Eternal Life (the River & the Tree), Eternal Light (the Lamp & the Word), Eternal Love (the Well & the Flower)
  2. Dea is the Ancestor (Matriarch): the Parent (Mother), the Matrix (Origin of Being) of All Genders; She is the Founding Mother of all Families; All Life Forms: Divine, Angelic, Nature Spirit, Human, Animal, Plant, or Other, are generated by (emanated from) Her Person.
  3. Dea is the Supreme [Sole], Sacred [Spiritual] Mother [Creatrix, Emanatrix, Progenitrix, Source] of the Cosmos [Universe]
  4. Dea is the Matriarch [Feminine Sovereign] of the Skies [Upper Worlds], Lands [Middle Worlds], and Seas [Lower Worlds]
  5. Dea is the Sovereign [Free-Peaceful]: Freedom (Liberty) and Calm (Tranquility)

  6. Dea is the Source and Origin of All Government and All Influence; Her Position is Self-generated and Self-sustained; Nothing about Her is defined by, derived from, or dependent upon, a relation to, any male gods: father, uncle, consort, husband, brother, or son.
  7. Dea’s Powers are All-knowing, All-controlling and Ever-present; No one and nothing can be hidden from Her, deceive Her, thwart Her will, be lost by Her, be taken from Her, or be separated from Her presence.
  8. Dea’s Rule is Liberating and Calming; She frees from Bondage and Anxiety

  9. Dea is the Guardian of Virtue (the Good); Dea is Virtuous [Good-Honorable]: All of the Virtues (Goodness-Righteousness) are in accord with Her Character; All of the Vices (Evil-Wickedness) are in opposition to Her Character.
  10. Dea is in charge of both Life and Death; Dea is with us in Life, and in Death.
  11. Dea is in control of both Light and Darkness; Dea is with us in Light, and in Darkness.
  12. Dea is in command of both Love and Hate; Dea provides us with Love, and protects us from Hate.