Mothers’ Night-Star Fairy Eve & Daughter’s Day-Star Fairy Day

Guiding Star 23 (December 20): 1st Feast of HEARTH-CHIMNEY/NORTHERN GATE EVE,

2nd Feast of MOTHERS’ NIGHT [German] Mōdraniht & STAR FAIRY EVE, in honor of


  1. The Mysterious Dark Mother, [Old Norse] Nótt “Night [a form of Dea Matrona], Mother of the Stars;
  2. The Star of the North, the Star of Hope, the Star of Wonder, [German] Heiliges Licht “Holy Light”, [a form of Dea Matria];

Tradition: observe the Night Sky, See the Stellar Constellation: Big Dipper (Ursa Major “Big Bear” Mother Bear) & locate the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor “Little Bear”, Daughter Bear) containing the North Star [aka the Guiding Star].

  1. The Day Star-Sun Mother [German] Sonne “Sun”; [French] Soleil; “Sun” [Icelandic] Sól ”Sun”; [Latvian-Lithuanian] Saule “Sun”; [Old High German] Sunna “Sun”; [Celtic] Ghrian “Sun” [a form of Dea Madria]
  2. The [German] Disir “Ancestral Mothers” [Forms of Dea Matronae]
  3. The FairyGodmothers” [forms of Dea Matronae]
  4. The Star Fairy* [Form of Dea Matria]

Tradition: anticipating the coming of the Star Fairy* (when the light of the physical Sun is at its dimmest)…Complete Lighting of the Sun Wheel

Old Anglo-Saxon Calendar: Feast of YULE Eve/Mid-Winter Solstice Eve


Time of Day: NOCTE, Direction: NORTH

Season: MID-WINTER-Element: Air-Color: Yellow


Guiding Star 24 (December 21): 1st Feast of HEARTH CHIMNEY/NORTHERN GATE DAY: [Latin] Janua Coeli “Gate of Heaven”, aka the Star Gate (Star-Portal), which opens in the SnowWater Crystals” of the “Starry Heavens”.

2nd Feast of SUN DAUGHTER’S DAY & STAR FAIRY DAY in honor of

  1. The [Celtic] An Ghrian Bher “Pale Winter Sun” [a form of Dea Matria]
  2. The Star Fairy*, bringer of Startide Gifts [a form of Dea Matria]

Tradition: 1) Welcome the Sun Daughter by observing the Dawning of the Sun on this day; 2) Welcome the Star Fairy* by observing her presence (in symbolic form) on the top of the Yule Tree (below which are gathered all the Gifts of Startide)

Old Anglo-Saxon Calendar: Feast of YULE 01st DAY/ Mid-Winter Solstice Day

The Christmas Fairy – Painting by Jessie Willcox Smith -1915

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