Coming Closer – Yellow Candle of Hope

Dear Readers,

On the 3rd Luciadi after Guiding Star 01, Luciennes Lights four Candles on the Sun Wheel:

1st, the Blue Candle of Peace, 2nd, the Red Candle of Joy, 3rd, the Green Candle of Faith.

A candle is an ignitable wick embedded in wax, or another flamma

And, 4th, the Yellow candle of Hope, for the 4th Season of Winter, the Element of Air, and the direction North

The Seasonal Symbol is the (North) Star of Hope).*


May the Hope of Our Mother Dea be with you!

Kind regards,

ArchMatrona Ghrian

*Illustration: Waldorf North Star with Kite Paper

Supplies: Kite Paper

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